Month of Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Mia Zdraveska took part at the Month of Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia (October 6 to November 6, 2014) with her design of a coffee table  called "Farfalla table". At the beginning of the show, she presented the inspiration and the method of preparation of the coffee table. While staying there, she had the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other designers participating at the show.
Mia: The organization of the event was on flawless levels, as befits such an event. I had the opportunity to introduce myself to the people who organized the whole event, to talk to them and get advice what I could do further, what they could do to help me and what they could offer to me.
During my stay , I acquired new experiences, friendships and views on design directions, at the event itself and the few design shops I visited, but also from each visited place in Ljubljana, that I could take further with me.
Latest news
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