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Take, for example, the month-ring that is on the mechanism of the calendar. It serves as its brain. The 48-month wheel is typically used to steer a perpetual clock. The different lengths of teeth on the month ring that face inwards determine the length of every month. This is the logic behind the entire calendar system.

The month-ring

The teeth on the inside of the month-ring can be different lengths

u-boat replica has been able to achieve the same level of clarity on the dial of the u-boat replica perpetual calendar that we have come to expect. The intelligence of the movement is what allows us to see the opulence of the u-boat replica Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar through the caseback.

The u-boat replica Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar, introduced in 2012 in both pink gold and platinum was a first for the company. u-boat replica was the first to introduce a tourbillon movement with automatic functions and the first to offer instant jumping calendar indicators.

In 2013, a Handwerkskunst version (u-boat replica) was released. This allowed the display of u-boat replica's opulent decoration on the face of the watch, with tremblage, relief engraving and, for the first, hand-painted numbers for the large date. The Handwerkskunst version was produced in platinum as a limited edition of 15 pieces. u-boat replica has also recently introduced a new model in 2016 in a white gold case and grey dial.

u-boat replica Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Handwerkskunst

u-boat replica created a special version of the Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar to celebrate the u-boat replica 25th Anniversary. It is clad with white gold and blue accents, including blue markers, hands,Richard Mille Replica and an engraving in blue on the tourbillon cock. This is the fourth of the special u-boat replicas released for the 25th anniversary. It's a milestone timepiece that highlights the design and technical capabilities of the watch.

Tony recalled saying: "Let's share a little fun anecdote. When we launched the u-boat replica Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar in 2012, Peter Chong who was the co-founder and editor in chief of Deployant and knew Mr Gunter well, came to the watch and said, simply, 'wow.' He was stunned.