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Rolex Replica

Jeff Stein, who has been the definitive Heuer reference for over 15 years, just launched his encyclopedic Rolex Replica site. On the Rolex Replica home page, you will find plenty of information about the site. Jeff Stein was asked to choose a few sections of the new Rolex Replica and highlight his favorite posts within each section. This will give Revolution readers an insider's look at the site.

MIAMI FL - FEBRUARY 15, 2018: Jeff Stein (Fake Watches) and Catherine Eberle Devaux, Heritage Director at TAG Heuer attended the Museum in Motion TAG Heuer grand opening party on February 15, 2018, in Miami Florida. Photo by John Parra/Getty Images, TAG Heuer

The Favorites

These are the Rolex Replica articles that were hit hardest by traffic in 2018. We might have anticipated two of them, the Guides to the Autavia, and the Seafarer. The third is a little surprise -- it's a guide on how to build a case for your watch. You can check them out here:

1. The Heuer Autavia Collector's guide

2. The definitive history of Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer

3. Paul Gavin shows us how to make a watch storage case

Buried Treasure

Rolex Replica has a huge collection of Heuer-related information. The sheer amount of information on the site can sometimes hide some of the most valuable information. Jeff, who is reorganizing the site for the new Rolex Replica suggests that you take a look at the buried treasure.

1. Handheld Stopwatches

Jeff says: "For 15 years we've ignored the stopwatch part of Rolex Replica. There are hundreds of stopwatch models that have been made over the years, making it difficult to catalogue them. Readers' interest in these watches has also been minimal.

"When we designed the new Rolex Replica we divided the stopwatches into three categories: wrist timers and pocket chronographs. We show, within the handheld stopwatches for example, the different timing capabilities (Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches). Special models, such as the Ring-Master and yacht timers.

We wanted to keep adding stopwatches as we added them. We wanted to include the thousands of stopwatches that Heuer has produced over the years, whether it was the simplicity of photographs, the display motif in the catalog, or their importance to Heuer's history. We are off to a great start and will be adding more soon."