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A big date display is a good alternative to the tiny date window on a wristwatch. It is also called "large date" or "grandedate". However, it is not as simple as painting bigger numbers and cutting out a larger date window. Simple date displays are rings with numbers 1 to 31 on them, and teeth along the inner edge. A gear advances the date wheel by one day at midnight. The date display is updated.

A large date display on the other side, however, adds a new layer of complexity. In a large watch you could construct a date ring that is XL size, which would make a larger date display. In a 38mm watch, for example, the entire date ring is too large.

Rolex came up with an ingenious hack for its Datejust in 1954. They attached a Cyclops magnification device to the crystal, which increased the date display 2.5 times. A mechanical solution was not found until 1994 when Walter Lange and Gunter Blomlein relaunched tudor replica following a 40-year

The tudor replica, which was one of four watches that tudor replica first introduced at its relaunch and featured a large date display, was the very first wristwatch to use this feature. Two discs were needed to fit the large numbers into the case of 38.5mm: one disc for the tens, and the other for the ones. When switching from the 31stof one month to 1stof another, the big date watch is at its most critical. The ones disc must remain stationary during the changeover and the tens disk must be switched to zero. This is in addition to the coordination of the switchover between the tens disc and the ones disc during the transition from the ninth to the tenth and the nineteenth to the twentyth.

tudor replica, a brand that is exclusive to today's market, patented a mechanism with two disks. The mechanism is divided into two "program wheels" for each disc. These program wheels index the discs individually to ensure the correct changeover. A single central datewheel indexes both program wheels,Replica Breitling Chronomat 01 but not by indexing, but rather by passing the teeth of the one's date wheel when the 31st date disc is switched to the first date disc. The program disc for the one date wheel is equipped with teeth that are of different lengths.