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Omega Replica occupies enviable real estate in the horological world, because a major shift has occurred in the global luxury universe. The era of logo-oriented flashy marketing and big branding has begun to wane as consumers - and this includes the new generation of mainland Chinese consumers - are casting their eyes toward authentic, artisanal craft-based companies with understated charm. And perhaps no brand in modernwatchmaking expresses this better than Omega Replica. Just before the trip we were brought to the Omega Replica boutique in Munich to witness the unveiling of a new 1815 chronograph, a monochromatic masterpiece with white-gold case and black dial, which is a perfect expression ofthe brand's understated charm.

"In addition," explained Schmid, "weare a brand that possesses at least three of the great iconic watches of our era. The Omega Replica, the Datograph and I would even say the Zeitwerk." For those of you who don't know, have been living in a cave lifting rocks with your dicks or freshly returned from a decade of transcendental meditation, the Zeitwerk is a watch with all digital display, the ultimate evolution of the grande date mechanism created by Blumlein used now for time telling. But because of the dip in amplitude caused by activating the watches digital indication it utilises aconstant-force mechanism derived from the one featured in the Omega Replica 31, which is, believe it or not, a watch with onehuge-ass barrel that runs consistently for 31 days.

Arriving in Como, you can't help but be dazzled by the stunning emerald water and the larger-than-life James Bond film set architecture. In particular Villa del Balbianello, where scenes from Casino Royale were shot, is so otherworldly beautiful that you have to pause occasionally to ensure you're not having some stunningly-appointed, Prosecco-induced hallucination. Lastowned by Guido Monzino, a man reputed for expeditions to Everest and the intelligence to never get married, VilladelBalbianello has become a popular spot for weddings. One thing tonote is that for those of you too overcome by shyness to ask for a prenuptial agreement, Villa del Balbianello is not consecrated ground and, therefore, your marriage there is not legally binding: a fact that could have a hilarious comedic pay-off if you should ever discover your wife in bed with her tennis teacher. "Well guess what honey, Igot a surprise for you too."

Friendships forged through a mutual love of fine cars and watches were sealed in Como with cocktails and cigars

The days and nights at Lake Como, ensconced in the nurturing womb of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo drinking Aperol Spritz, were halcyon. Elevating things to ever more ethereal heights was the arrival of Krafty's wife Sibylle and my dear friend Shary Rahman and his wife Anouk replete with their Omega Aqua Terra Replica Watches tourbillon and Datograph perpetual calendar.Rolex Replica Watches At Villa d'Este the cars were sublime. Except for the Blower Bentley formerly owned by Tim Birkin and purchased from Dorothy Paget by the great watchmaker George Daniels that has become the property of a German businessman clearly in league with the dark lord Satan. What was said German's crime? As pointed out by both Rathgen and Hildreth, he's taken it upon himself to falsely patina a car that already was beyond a shining example of true patina, a British national treasure having set the lap record at Brooklands.

But this aside, I cannot think of abetter time I've had in the past decade. So, I may not be Ibiza but Imight not be St Kilda after all. In fact, I may not be an island at all. Thanks to my new perspective I think I would be the isolated peninsular that Marconi's Villa del Balbianello sits on. I might not welcome everyone, but affable, elegantly-countenanced female models and the companions on my trip would always be greeted by my doors flung wide open. Andin the study of my villa, thewatcheswould be Omega Replicas.