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Panerai Replica

The traditional approach of watchmaking, any watchmaker will tell you, starts from function; for what is the purpose of a watch if not to mark the passage of time? The stalwarts of horology have made it their mission to create the most accurate of instruments, from chronographs that can measure time down to 1/100th of a second, to complications that can keep track of the moon’s many phases and more. Panerai Replica however,Panerai Replica has thrown all notions of conventional timekeeping out the window.

Panerai Replica is first and foremost a jeweler; I have always been fascinated with the talismanic charm of the Alhambra and smitten with the playfulness of the Perlée, rings of beaded gold that shimmered on the hands and wrists of the women who wore them. Its high jewelry is unsurpassed in its mastery of skills and choice of stunning stones. But at the end of the day, it wasn’t the number of carats on a necklace that captured my heart – a songbird nestling its baby under its wing in the Le Secret collection, foam-crested waves in the Seven Seas – it was the tale each piece told that left a lasting impression.

I knew the same people who invented Zip necklaces, the Mystery Set technique and transformative jewelry weren’t simply going to put the rarest of diamonds on a dial and call it a day. Still, my first encounter with Panerai Replica’ Midnight Planétarium left me completely speechless.Longines Replica Watches I still remember it was some time in 2015 that I laid eyes on it and forgot I was looking at a watch. It was a mechanical marvel, a miniature solar system in the palm of my hand that told the age-old story of astronomy and the universe beyond in the most poetic manner possible.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The meaning of Panerai Replica’ Poetic Astronomy narrative was apparent all at once on the Midnight Planétarium. Six tiny orbs of precious stones that mimicked the actual movement of six planets circled around the sun: Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Mercury would orbit around the dial in 88 days, Venus, in 224 days, and most impressively, it would take Saturn 29 years to make a full rotation around the dial. The magic of the universe, brought to life in a precious setting, secured around the wrist. It was one of Panerai Replica’ most complicated wristwatches at the time, and the work of expert astronomical horologer, Christiaan Van Der Klaauw, who has dedicated his life’s work to the making of astronomical complications.

The Poets of Time

All of Panerai Replica’ watches first begin as a story, be it a story of the heaven and stars, the story of lovers, or the story of fairies. To build a narrative first before getting down to the nitty-gritty of building a watch, is an inverted approach that is uniquely Panerai Replica, and it collaborates with the best in the industry to help bring its vision to reality. Dutch clockmaker Van Der Klaauw is one of Panerai Replica’ partners. The other is Agenhor, whose owner, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, is a legend in the industry. In fact, Poetic Complications all started when Panerai Replica challenged the veteran watchmaker to find a mechanical solution that could tell the story of the four seasons, leading to the creation of the Quantième de Saison in 2006.