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Workshop 2

“Projects for Macedonia – learning from each other”, Skopje, May/June 2016

The second workshop was realized in Skopje in the period of three weeks (May/June) 2016, under the name “Projects for Macedonia – learning from each other”. The students from FME, with the backgrounds in industrial design and industrial engineering and management, worked together with the students from Zurich University of the Arts, with their background in Style & Design.

International and interdisciplinary teams of students from Switzerland and Macedonia, under the supervision of teaching stuff from Zurich and Skopje, worked together for solving of problems recognized and offered by SWISS CONTACT. Projects for Macedonia were focused on a number of business cases designed for the actual situation in Macedonia.

Students from Zurich and Skopje started to work together in 8 mixed teams. All of the teams were consisted of: 1 design student from Zurich, 1 design student from Skopje, 1 management student from Skopje, 1 observer student from Skopje. After the first field trip many problems were recognized and the teams were transformed into 4, according to the similarities between the topics.



The main objectives of the workshop were: 

– inter-cultural and trans-disciplinary collaboration;

– research, analysis and conception for the development of realistic business cases;

– conceptions for identity, branding, communication, product and infrastructure design;

– formulation of business strategies for the realistic economic situation;

– ethnographic study of design methodology and processes.

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