Pre-SIHH - The Cartier Crash Franck Muller Replica Watches

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Wave two of presIHH watches by Parisian watchmaker Cartier focuses on Cartier Libre. This collection is a way for Maison Cartier to take existing designs and stretch them in unusual ways to create new interpretations.

The first watch presented is a Crash version. The famous watch is made in yellow gold and features a dial that looks like it radiates a ripple. The ripple effect continues to the watch's case, where they flow all the way to the edge of the bezel.

It's amazing to see Cartier have produced anotherFranck Muller fake animation of the watch two years after the last time we saw a Crash in their sale catalogues. We can all agree that we are eagerly awaiting the Maison's return to the original 1967 crash.

The 2018 model will still be available in 50 limited quantities and fitted with the 8970MC handwound mechanism.

All the watches that make up the present announcement are variations of the Baignoire watch (or bathtub watch) when it is translated from French. Keep in mind that the first watch is called the Baignoire Debordante or bathtub overflowing. Its name is literally brought to life by an openworked, diamond- and black spinel-decorated bezel.Breitling Superocean Replica This watch features a quartz movement. It will be limited to 50 copies.

Baignoire Debordante

The Baignoire Infinie (or bathtub infinite) is next. This name can be visually translated to give the illusion that you are looking into an infinity point. The three-tiered bezel decoration uses baguette-cut and Tahitian mother of pearls as well as white, Tahitian, and black mother-of pearls. A quartz piece, which will be limited to 20.

Baignoire Infinie

Baignoire Etoilee (or starry bathtub) is the second watch. It depicts cascading stars using its white gold case and bracelet, which are set with black spinels and diamonds. Also quartz, Franck Muller Replica limited to 15 pieces

Baignoire Etoilee

Baignoire Interdite is the last watch. It has the oval of Baignoire reorientated on its side. The watch then gets wrapped in large, dark ADLC roman numbers that seem to keep it captive. The piece is also in white gold, with the bezel paved. It has a quartz movement. There are only 50 of them.

We are informed that Cartier has announced its pre-SIHH pieces. We now turn our attention to SIHH itself. More

Baignoire Interdite