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Inspire by the roger dubuis replica Time Zone we decided to add a month ring on the dial. A small aperture in the shape of an arrow was then placed at 6 o'clock to show the leap year as well as the month on the monthly ring.

The perpetual calendar was designed to be a unique and efficient display. All calendar indicators were switched instantly at midnight. Lange had already created other jumping, power-hungry timepieces, such as the Zeitwerk, by the time they developed the roger dubuis replica Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar. Lange was therefore well-equipped to create a calendar with all its indicators engineered to precisely jump together.

Another roger dubuis replica, this time the roger dubuis replica Moon Phase was the inspiration behind the roger dubuis replica Perpetual Calendar's next feature, the Moon Phase incorporated into the subdial for running seconds.

Moonphase on roger dubuis replica Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar - "25th anniversary"

The tourbillon regulating mechanism was the final piece in the puzzle that made the roger dubuis replica Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar the darling of haute horlogerie. Lange's challenge was to achieve this without increasing the height of the timepiece. This required them to rethink their traditional perpetual calendar mechanism.

Tony says, "What we needed to do was place the tourbillon further into the movement. The tourbillon on the roger dubuis replica Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar is so deep that it starts at the mainplate [occupying valuable real estate needed by the calendar mechanism].

We had to completely rethink our perpetual calendar mechanism as a consequence. The calendar mechanism had to be built around the tourbillon.Rolex Replica Watches The movement is not modular, like the Langematik, but rather a multi-layered caliber that incorporates the gear train and calendar, as well as the automatic winding mechanism.