Workshop Ekooko


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is probably the best known waste management hierarchy and waste reduction strategy. It was the main starting point for the workshop with about a dozen students from the Department of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. This workshop explored the possibility to reuse discarded objects with potential to be used within a specific design creation and to be upgraded into design objects with market value. Workshop was held in the laboratories at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in for 10 days in June 2011. Coordinator of the workshop was Dejan Spasovic, and with the help of Milan Jovanovic.

A result of this workshop is the brand ECOKO, under which the students will present their 3R works in the future.

Participants in the workshop: Jelena Micevska, Tamara Danevska, Tamara Georgievska, Edita Bejtuli, Dijana Dimitrievska, Sandra Ugrinoska, Katerina Gjorgjoska, Boris Momic.