2012 Skoje Design Week

The students in industrial design from UKIM, FME, took part at the second edition of Skopje Design Week which took place at well known location, Kurshumli An, from 4-10 of September 2012. Participants of this manifestation were young designers mostly from Europe who presented their latest work.

The students in industrial design who took part at SDW 2012 are: Biljana Stojanovska with a kitchen set "A Apetit", Natali Ristovska, Dalibor Vucic with "Relax Chair", Slave Ristomanov with creative seating furniture "Infinity", Monika Mladenovska with "Darklight" lamp, Stefan Ristovski with "Bone Grip" lamp, Adriana Nikolovska with "Forest Light" lamp, Dragan Trenechevski with "Heineken Lamp", Damjan Kolevski, Mario Shiplich, Damjan Matoski, Simona Nicheva and Jovana Shishkovska with the "I-Tube Project" chair and lamps. http://www.ministryofpleasure.net/expo/group/fax.html.

More information about SDW 2012 can be found at http://www.ministryofpleasure.net/