Industrial Design of Products

IDEA Lab is a creative environment for developing of new products from idea sketching to prototype building.
Fostering creativity is giving freedom, knowledge and resources to the mind and hands to express the thoughts. Sketching, clay modeling and Styrofoam cutting as simple techniques that provide means for communicating ideas.
Besides the formative aspects, the functionality of the product, human aspects, sustainability, marketing and other considerations are performed in order to develop product that impresses the customers  and fulfils their needs.
Refinement of product models and preparation of technical documentation is performed by 3D  computer-aided modeling of product assemblies. Engineering analysis, such as,  finite element structural analysis, dynamic analysis, mold analysis are performed.
With generous donations by Tempus project, Autodesk,  and other, IDEA Lab was equiped with licenses for:
- Maya                                         - SolidWorks
- 3D Studio Max                           - RapidWorks
- Inventor                                    - Ramsis
- Showcase                                  - X3 Medical V6
- NX Siemens PLM Software          - ArtCAM