Postgraduate - Master's Studies in Industrial Design and Marketing

Master's studies in Industrial Design and Marketing are two-year full-time studies with 120 credits.
Semester 7
Course codeTitleTypeCredits
2M35IDM06 Sculpture Elective 6
2M35IDM04 Marketing Management Elective 6
Semester 8
Course codeTitleTypeCredits
2M51IDM01 Computer-Aided Product Design Elective 6
2M35IDM03 Color Theory and Metric Elective 6
2M35IDM07 Consumer Behaviour and Market Research Elective 6
2M35IDM08 Digital Animation Elective 6
2M35IDM09 Design Studio Elective 6
Semester 9
Course codeTitleTypeCredits
2M36IDM03 Ergonomics and Bionics Elective 6
2M36IDM04 Rapid Prototyping and Customized Production Elective 6
2M36IDM01 Product Development and Innovation Management Elective 6
2M36IDM02 Conceptual Design Elective 6
2M36IDM05 Marketing Communication Elective 6
Semester 10
Course codeTitleTypeCredits
2M36IDM08 Consumer Product Design Elective 6
2M36IDM06 Presentation Techniques and Multimedia Elective 6
2M36IDM07 Transportation Design Elective 6
2M37IDM Master's Thesis Mandatory 18